Pain management especially to those who are suffering terminal illness is challenging. Oftentimes, pain management involves regulated narcotic substances. Some people opt for similar substance but they wanted the natural option. Thus, there are those who undergo medical marijuana evaluation to asses if they are qualified to take this type of pain management.  Medical marijuana evaluation is necessary to be able to determine the quantity of the need. Initial medical marijuana evaluation usually deals with background checks and health assessment. A licensed doctor who is familiar with the program can do the initial medical marijuana evaluation.  Interestingly, medical marijuana is legal in some states. However, it is still considered as an illegal substance by the federal government so the medical marijuana evaluation is necessary. Afterwards, the doctor can give you the necessary paper work.

Doctors who do the medical marijuana evaluation are careful about the process. It is important that rules are followed because of the sensitivity of the issue. The medical marijuana evaluation will be able to determine if a patient qualifies for the program.  One must have an illness with pain management no longer possible with the available legal substances.  Doctors strictly follow the medical marijuana evaluation process because failure to do so could jeopardize their medical practice. Details are gathered so that everything is well-documented. When it comes to medical marijuana evaluation, it is safer to overdo them than covering only the minimal requirements.  Once the medical marijuana evaluation process and completed, the patient is given a card which serves as a license for medical marijuana use.

Because the medical marijuana evaluation is important, the choice of doctor is crucial. You need to find a reputable doctor who can handle the medical marijuana evaluation as required by the state. Dr. Gil Mintz is an experienced doctor who can handle medical marijuana evaluation. Dr. Mintz can also orient the patient of the rights associated with possessing the medical marijuana license. For more information on the medical marijuana evaluation process, check out